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Al Sulaimi Group Holding uses German Solar Power Technology for its New Corporate Commercial Building

Al Sulaimi Group Holding (ASG), one of the biggest conglomerates in the Sultanate will be installing the 50kW-200kW capacity of Roof-Top Solar Power System for its new Headquarter Building situated at Ghala Industrial Area. It will be one of the first commercial buildings in the Sultanate of Oman to install Roof-Top Solar power system. The installation & commissioning will be done by Technical Trading Co.LLC, part of Al Sulaimi Group Holding. A part of the Group’s sustainability initiatives, marking a significant milestone in their efforts towards achieving energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprint significantly.

An MOU was signed between the Chairman of Al Sulaimi Group Holding and the General Manager of Technical Trading Company LLC. This project marks another milestone in ASG’s commitment to conservation and environmental protection.

Technical Trading Company (TTC) is an approved vendor with DCRP (Distribution Code Review Panel) to install Solar Power System. The complete feasibility study for installing the solar power system was conducted by TTC. The project is designed to comply with international safety guidelines & standards and expected completion of Installation and commissioning of the system by September 2019. 

The Solar Power System will be of highest quality with German Brand and will power the building as well as ancillary services. Oman’s Authority for Electricity Regulation (AER) is encouraging all commercial, non-commercial, residential and even homeowners to install Rooftop Solar power as the new norm, which will reduce the electricity bills up to 40%.

Speaking to press, Mr. Ammar Aissou, CEO, Al Sulaimi Group Holding said, “Solar Energy system is ideal for Oman as it helps maximizing the use of natural energy bringing energy efficiency and reduced operational costs. At ASG, we take a holistic view to help us reduce our footprint on the environment. Our new Head quarter building solar roof is one of our various steps towards the journey. 

Mr. Ibrahim Al Sulaimi, GM of TTC said “The solar energy is considered to be one of the cleanest, most renewable and best alternative source of energy among the available sources.  It is also, a green source of energy because it does not emit pollutants during the energy production process. We are proud to provide alternative and clean utility-scale solar energy as a solution to our client ASG”.

Formose Pereira, Sr. Divisional Manager of TTC’s Power Solutions Division stated that “Solar Power, Wind Power and other clean energy alternatives are increasingly becoming the main source of energy in highly developed countries. Given the vast amounts of sunlight available throughout the year with the exception of a few days, we need to tap into this valuable and abundantly available resource”.

Promoting the use of clean, green energy is of the utmost importance to ASGs vision for the future of the Group and for the Sultanate of Oman. 


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