Qurum Technical Company was established in Saudi Arabia in 2019, is a part of 'Al Sulaimi Group Holding' a reputed group of companies originated from Oman. The group has over four decades of expertise in the various industrial sectors and represents world renowned brands in the industry bringing in the latest technology to benefit end users.

Qurum Technical Company is specialized in Air Compressors, Welding, Power Generator, Cutting, Automation, Pipe tools & Industrial Equipment etc and caters to the various industries including oil gas, cunstruction, steel, fabrication, manufacturing etc. Backed by a team of highly professional and factory trained sales and service team, the company's philosophy is to offer excellent service support. Quality, customer satisfaction & commitment are some of the major foundations on which the company lays its emphasis to built a strong identity as a leading player in the region. Qurum Technical Company is having its office in Riyadh and Dammam represents world renowned Manufacturers inside KSA and provides comprehensive solutions for the industries.

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Our Services

Rental Division

Qurum Technical Company operates with a wide range of Rental Machinery in KSA which includes Air Comprassors, Diesel Generators, Welding Machines etc with 24x7 unmatched service support.



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Services Division

Representing an expertise of more than 2 dacades of AOTC (Advance Oilfield Technology Company, Oman) in KSA, Qurum Technical company is providing maintenance services to Oil & Gas, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Power and various Industrial sectors, Like:

  • Valves and Well control services

        > Trevi testing of safety valves.

        > Nitrogen- Helium leak testing of gas lines.

        > Mobile Workshops: RV (Relief Valve), PVV (Pressure Vacuum Valve, Hatch Valve (BOH).

        > Preventive maintenance for control valve and ESD (Emergency Shutdown) valves.

        > Valve refurbishment during turn-arounds.

        > Online repair of welded valves (gate valves, globe valves).

  •    Onsite Services

       > TSA Coating (Thermal Sprayed Aluminum).

       > Bolt Tensioning & Torquing, Flange management.

  •   Other Services

       > Repair & Maintennce and Skid Fabrication.


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