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TTC RENTAL since its inception has successfully penetrated the Power Rental market especially in..... Diesel Generators, Compressors, Mobile light towers as well as Fuel Management and other turnkey solutions. Services include installation, commissioning of generators along with other peripherals like distribution boards, fuel tanks, fuel hoses, AMF panels and synchronizing options (both auto and manual). TTC RENTAL also hires out load-bank services for AC resistive loads up to a range of 1250 kVA.

TTC Rental is a complete solution to a customer and is not just about providing the cheapest alternative. It goes much beyond and hence customers rely on these rental solutions as they opt for the service and trust a provider like TTC Rental (a Division of Technical Trading Company, part of the Al Sulaimi Group of Companies), who have a family business tradition of serving customers for over 30 years

Al Sulaimi Group COO, Mr. Haitham Fannah, attributed TTC Rentals success to the quality, dedication, attitude, determination and hard work of its team members. He mentioned, “We at Al Sulaimi Group are confident that TTC RENTAL will create a successful and sustainable rental business model due to its ultimate focus on providing Best-in-class service which has been a major factor in this business. Providing quality service at every stage and level of the business is what finally matters to our valuable customers and this is only possible because of the speed at which TTC RENTAL delivers. Providing customers with additional customized and integrated solutions like fuel management and total turnkey solutions reduces the hassle and hence ensures that customers / clients focus on their core business activity.

TTC rental has set new standards in providing quality service by reduced service down-time not only in Muscat but to all the far flung regions of Oman including northern and southern regions of PDO as well as important townships of Duqm, Sohar, Nizwa and Ibri

TTC RENTAL ensures that each product is tested and serviced in advance and that most products are ready for collection anytime. This also ensures that our clients are able to derive optimum benefits each time they rent a Generator or compressor or light tower. Ensuring that technicians are available 24/7 is a key differentiator when compared to other service providers

TTC RENTAL are focused on most industrial sectors of Oman including construction, oilfield, telecom, events, Government as well as the manufacturing sector

Mr. Formose Pereira, Division Manager, stated “Our high quality service deliverables and standards have differentiated us from the rest of the market. This has been made possible mainly due to the focus, commitment and determination of the team at every stage and in every aspect of our business. Being associated with the power generation business, we understand the critical role that our power options perform in the nature of our client’s business activity and we therefore endeavour to be very pro-active at every stage of our business. We have received excellent support from our valuable clients and this has helped us venture into new areas and offer unique power solutions. We are confident that TTC Rental is geared up to delivering to our customers changing requirements for the coming future” .



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P.O. Box: 1693, Ruwi
Postal Code: 112
Sultanate of Oman
Tel: +968 24700070
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