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TTC RENTAL offers Diesel Generators and Diesel Air Compressors of various makes and brands to its clients. TTC RENTAL believes that even though the brand of Generator or Compressor may make a difference to the customer initially, in the final analysis, it all boils down to the quality of the equipment and the quality of service backup in place. Providing clients with a range of Diesel Generators and Diesel Compressors helps to customize solutions and offer ideal options to a variety of applications. Certain applications are Critical , where performance and zero downtime is a necessity and TTC RENTAL therefore has kept these options in mind before solutions are delivered to clients. Range of brands also ensures that TTC RENTAL caters to specific needs of clients. In other words, TTC RENTAL is able to provide the right equipment for the right job.TTC RENTAL solutions have varied from customers’ needs ranging from days in some cases to even longer durations in others. Besides providing renting solutions of Generators, Compressors, TTC RENTAL also provides mobile Light Towers and LOAD BANKs up to 1MW on hire.

The power rental solutions also includes integrated turnkey options like Logistics, total fuel management besides also other services like installation, commissioning of Diesel Generators along with an onsite Engineer, which is the norm during occasions like staging of hi-profile events,etc .Fuel tanks supplied by TTC RENTAL are environmentally friendly keeping in mind the delicate and sensitive nature of our natural resources. These Fuel Tank solutions are all API Compliant and double bunded, which helps in preventing oil spillage , thereby reducing damage to the environment. Fuel Management solutions can be provided upto 22,500 Litres or 5,000 IG.

TTC RENTAL Power solutions also benefits clients who do not want to restrain cash flows, due to exorbitant capital expenditure incurred during purchases and also negates the fact that clients do not have to cough up any down payment nor are there any interests costs. This helps TTC RENTAL clients to increase their borrowing power and focus on their core aspect of their business.

Since TTC RENTAL Equipments are thoroughly tested prior to renting or commissioning, clients  do not have the hassle to stock parts, spares or any sort of Inventory. Even emergency breakdowns are managed in case they arise at no extra cost to TTC RENTAL clients .This reduces risk to TTC Rental clients as all maintenance whether periodic or major is the sole responsibility of TTC RENTAL .

A spokesperson of TTC RENTAL mentioned,” TTC RENTAL clients do not need to hold any inventory of any sort as all there come under the rental scope of TTC RENTAL. Overall TTC RENTAL offers total power solutions to clients and this gives our clients the added confidence to focus onto their core line of business, be it construction, oilfield related , manufacturing or any other application. This has been made possible by TTC RENTAL due to the 24 x 7 service backup team of motivated, professional, and responsive team consisting of Engineers, Technicians, Logistics experts and Product consultants to name a few.”


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