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Muscat Water LLC

We are taking a privilege to introduce world leading alliance under MUSCAT WATER LLC to provide world class water treatment technologies.

MUSCAT WATER LLC is a coalition of The Desalination experts, AquaSwiss AG of Switzerland, with world’s leading desalination technologies and Al Sulaimi Group Holding - a leading Omani Group with expertise in various engineering branches for four decades and specializes in seawater intakes, water network, water plants O&M services as well as fabrication for the water and oil industry.
The Sultanate of Oman lies in an arid region of the world, but due to its size and the configuration of its topography there are considerable variations of climatic conditions within the country. Only in the extreme south where the seaward facing slopes of the mountains and the coastal plain have the benefit of light summer monsoons. Owing to the marked variety of terrain and scattered nature of the population distribution, water management in Oman produces various challenges in different regions.

In order to meet water challenges due to shortages in water production and distribution problems, AquaSwiss AG and Al Sulaimi Group Holding have founded Muscat Water LLC, the company that will bring drinking and potable water at very competitive prices leveraging the unique differentiating technologies.

Moreover, Muscat Water brings a high local Omani content, and develops significant in country value through the deployment of Omani manpower and local manufacturing capabilities in its projects.

The founders of the company are the leading experts of their fields and this collaboration brings hundreds of year’s manpower experience to make Muscat Water LLC as the leading water company in Oman.

AquaSwiss AG is a Swiss EPC company owned by the Larive Group of Holland. Our main focus is on MENA markets and very rapidly our offices have expanded across Middle East. We have a regional office in Dubai, a JV company in Saudi Arabia and representative offices in Kuwait and Dammam.

AquaSwiss owns world’s leading technology in Seawater Reverse Osmosis and Thermal Desalination that gives it the competitive advantage in producing desalinated water with lowest energy consumption. The company is further strengthened by a team of leading industry experts (300+man-years of expertise) in the field of desalination and water treatment.

AquaSwiss implemented the Quality System which has been approved for ISO 9001-2008 certification, guaranteeing a professional and efficient vendor to client relationship and approved procedures in place for each aspect of project realization from the initial design to the opening of potable water tap.

Contact Us

P.O. Box: 1693, Ruwi
Postal Code: 112
Sultanate of Oman
Tel: +968 24700070
Fax: +968 24790271